Pickup on South Street & Neuromancer

There are quite a few similarities between Pickup on South Street and Neuromancer. One of the obvious being that they are both of a noir quality. Pickup on South Street definitely more obviously so, but Neuromancer has noir-esque notions to the plot and theme as well. Both stories take place on the “street”, which is notorious of noirs, as the city brings a […]

Neil Easterbrook Quote

“Two particular sorts of tropes inform the narrative’s manipulation of technology.  The first is an SF topos, a pattern of tropological displacement common since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818): a neat reversal of the natural/artificial opposition.  In Neuromancer all natural/artificial images are reversed from their conventional priority: techne now precedes physis” (Neil Easterbrook, “The Arc of […]

Hacking and Neuromancer

Hacking is obviously a subject of interest in relation to Gibson’s novel, Neuromancer, and the characters he created within the novel. The protagonist, Case, is involved in an array of hacks involving established people and companies within the matrix. To consider the generalized notion of a hacker as a cultural hero is somewhat of a […]